A Quick History

100% Dutch, passionate and independent.
A desire to be legendary...

The story of Q1905 starts with its name 

1905: Hengelo, the Netherlands.
In a home workshop at the Jansen family residence, the first football shoes were designed and developed by hand. The boots were assembled in the attic room of the home; a family effort to cut patterns, glue and stitch each pair with care.
Described as Light, Supple, & Strong, these shoes were a huge hit. 



First storefront in Hengelo, 1905.

Before long, the brand was noticed by professional athletes, and nearly all popular Dutch football players from the 20th century played their matches in then-called "Quickies."

1928: The launch of the official running shoe of the Olympic games in Amsterdam. 

1947: The Dutch national team wears the Q1905 boot called De CaptainQ1905 - "there is nothing more fulfilling for a sports brand than seeing the entire Dutch team in your shoes." 



1950 - 1980: Until the eighties, Q1905 would be the Dutch market leader in the field of sports shoes.  

During this decade, sports shoes and sneakers were initially introduced as casual street wear. Q1905 anticipated bravely on this development. But despite its efforts, they disappeared in the nineties. 

2001: A change of ownership breathes new life into the legendary sports brand. Q1905 reintroduced the classic sneakers and they blew the competition away at the most trendy sneaker stores in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Holland’s most amazing brand was back in the game.

Today: Q1905 continues to grow with its legacy in tow, knowing a country with such a rich sports culture must have a brand that fits it just as well. With history, craftsmanship and passion built into every shoe.